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The Maidbots are a positive force that brings happiness to a grim world, the heart and soul of the game, as  such, every VA chosen to give them life are very special, please show them some love!


Zero | Alyssa Ferrari

A very hard working VA who gave Zero the perfect bubbly voice, she has experience in TV/Film and never seems to run out of energy. Alyssa is the perfect lead for the Superstar Nonet!

Alyssa's socials

Shireywha | Vanessa Benoit

A motherly and soothing voice that surprises with incredible fighting spirit that can only be achieved by this talent. Vanessa did an amazing performance in Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy now live on Crunchyroll and I recommend you to watch it!
Vanessa's site

Memorimo | Tanja Tjong

Tanja is an incredibly underrated talent with an amazing voice, her singing is incredible and you may understand why very soon. Tanja also has fun streaming videogames and plays FPS like a pro
Tanja's links

Mar | UkuLeili

UkuLeili has experience as an Anime VA under Crunchyroll with roles in KamiKatsu and After School Hanako kun among others, even though Mar is a gag character, this voice talent made her memorable!
UkuLeili's website

Vu | Taylor Morrison

The perfect Yandere didn't exist until Taylor came along, Taylor was the first voice added to the game when it was still in early development and has been a great support ever since.
Taylor's links

Kyvzaki | Abby Espiritu

Abby had roles in YuGiOh! games, Pokemon Masters Ex, Genshin Impact and many more impressive titles, and for good reason, this VA gives our tomboyish warrior an outstanding execution.
Abby's links

Zyrenette | Dayeanne Hutton

There's not a being in the world capable of making a sentimental fairytale princess sound as good and with as much heart as the talent behind Life is Strange's Kate Marsh.
Daye's links

Taikavoran | Jennifer Alyx

An industry professional with roles in Anime dub of characters we absolutely love like Long Island from Azur Lane and Grizzly from Girls' Frontline among many, many more, Taikavoran is given a quality and uniqueness only Jennifer is capable of.
Jennifer's socials

Lullastasia | Reagan Kathryn

A cosplayer, host and VA you can hear in Genshin Impact as Murata or Tatja in Eternal Return: Black Survival among other fantastic roles
Alyssa's socials


Vitakrosis | Notoh

Notoh is a fellow game developer and friend, not much is known about her, she's a complete mystery just like the character she plays, Notoh is currently producing a horror fitting.
Notoh's blog

Rika Helleaven | Chiibihime

Chiibi has a voice that is unique and fitting for a chaotic manga heroine, the sheer talent and energy she delivers is incredible!
Chiibi's Twitter/X


Illustrious | Rachel Herring

So you enjoy being treated like garbage? No? well too bad, you will now. Rachel not only gives Illustrious the perfect british bully sass, but also has been an incredible support for the project, watch her get big soon.
Rachel's links


Kirov | Michaela Laws

Michaela is a well known VA who has been the iconic voice of several noteworthy roles in videogames and anime. With her voice, Kirov will be a memorable character!
Michaela's website

ILY | Sayaka Mashiro

An exceptionally skilled voice artist and the original voice of ILY in Softwar! Please look forward to her amazing performance!
Sayaka's Twitter/X

Agano | Laura Faverty

Personally a big fan of her, she is the fantastic  english voice of Yukikaze in Azur Lane, there are so many paralels between her and Agano that makes Laura the perfect talent for this role, she made me laugh, and will make you laugh too.
Laura's website

Veneto | Kelly Ulleanne

Probably a real life cartoon character, Kelly has a very special gift with her voice, one of the most unique voice artists I found and a natural born entertainer, she's also incredibly friendly.
Kelly's website

Ark Royal | Savvi Lee

She's full of chaisma and spark! A seasoned VA who gives lots of energy to the Mighty Ark, She also did am amazing job in the Chaotic Helleaven franchise, absolutely worth checking out!
Savvi's website

Helena | Nancy O'Fallon

A motherly voice that has reached perfection, soothing, comforting and full of emotion, Nancy brings experience and skills that are unique to her only.
A fabulous VA and amazing person.
Nancy's website

ARA Santa Fe | Casey George

With pure confidence and skill, Casey gives the troubled magical girl a lot of charm, Casey is exceptionally skilled and one of the most  underrated VAs I have enocuntered, don't miss her!
Casey's website


Funny gremlin vampire...thing from Twitch, once her character goes live she will make you smile, that's for sure, she is a gamer full of charisma and very driven to entertain, 100% would recommend her stream.
Rei's Twitch

New Jersey | Madeline Blood

There's sweet voices, and one tier above there's Madeline's. Your heart is not ready for her soft and comforting voice, criminally underrated talent that you would be wise to keep under your radar. She's the voice of New Jersey, our Kickstarter poster character.
Madeline's site

Invincible | Adrianna Fay

The last one from G2 to arrive! A very promising and underrated voice, for a multitude of reasons I have high hopes for her, wait and see.
Adrianna's site

Our VAs are a very important part of the project, we will never use their voices for AI.

(Not that AI has the slightest chance of sounding this good anyway)